Now for something completely different

Though his show is less popular than it once was, millions of Americans still know the name Jerry Springer. Few, however, remember him as the former mayor of Cincinnati. Or the one-time candidate for governor of Ohio. And how many would believe he was once considered a rising star of the Democratic Party, a politician with every gift imaginable and heart to drive him for decades? The story of Jerry Springer is baffling and tragic. And beautifully told here, by Alex Blumberg on This American Life (segment starts 4 minutes in). If you don’t think you have 31 minutes to hear the full story of Jerry Springer, watch this campaign video and then decided whether you’re interested:

Update 7/7/09: Springer is apparently appearing as Billy Flynn in a London production of “Chicago.” My initial skepticism is only joined by disappointment after reading this review. I’d still be interested to see the performance, though.

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