Paint the town independent

July 28th is the Peruvian Independence Day, and I’m looking forward to the celebrations later this month According to Jose Rivas, my guide from a few days ago, preparations for the festivities begin at the start of the month. In a show of patriotism or national can-do or something, the government gives some of the country’s poorest money to repaint their homes, he said, explaining why some of Lima’s slums are very colorful this time of year.

2 thoughts on “Paint the town independent

  1. While the colours look great, couldn’t the money be better spent (and wouldn’t the poor who receive it be likely to spend it on necessities rather than paint)? I’m surprised that homes actually get repainted with that money. (The computer’s South African dictionary spell-checked my “color.”)

    Also, you should include pictures with all of your posts.

  2. Yeah, that image is amazing, but also sort of depressing. It’s as if we tried to solved the homeless problem by making them ride comical unicycles.

    I also agree with Avery. Words hurt brain.

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