Sign of something good

I was at the orthodontist today (I’m too old for the orthodontist, no?), and while I was waiting in one chair, an assistant spoke to the girl next to me, telling her, “You can use the remote and headphones to watch TV if you want.” The girl, who was probably thirteen or fourteen, smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you,” before reaching into her bag and taking out this book. She highlighted as she read, and, though it could have been assigned reading, 1) it’s summer–not many middle-schoolers have to read for school in August–and, 2) assigned or no, I’m still impressed, and just a little inspired.

Separately, I haven’t posted in weeks because I was finishing my time in Peru and settling in at home. Expect a final post on my travels soon, and check back, since I’ll be posting regularly again.

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