Groundbreaking Analysis of the World of Sports

I recently sent this to a few friends, and I figured: Why not make it available to everyone? So here are my collected sports columns for Hunter College High School’s The Observer, written (semi-)monthly between June 2003 and June 2006, from the end of ninth grade to shortly before I graduated from the school. Reading the columns now, I cringe at lots of what I wrote, mainly at the sentences that are at once bludgeoned and bludgeoning, more awkward than clever, and the dead jokes that ended up in print even though I knew at the time their humor didn’t work outside my head. But there’s some gold there, a little of it actually funny, and more that’s great to have saved in writing if only to see who I once was. Anyway, the interested can download the columns in a Word document by clicking here. These are my earliest published pieces, and for years the only works I wrote publicly. This is where it, and I, began. I’ll reflect more on the columns in the future.

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