Popularity Contest ’08

I should have posted this a couple months ago, when it came out, but I only found the link today. It’s a piece I wrote for The Sydney Globalist, a sister chapter of my own Yale Globalist under Global21. Christine Ernst, the editor in chief of the Sydney chapter, approached our our chapter, the only in the United States, to contribute something about the American election for their November issue, and I volunteered to write the piece. Apologies for the awkward sentences in the beginning; I’m not sure how I wrote those. I’m not to blame, however, for the funky punctuation: that’s the fault of Australian English. The piece is online here. Below is an excerpt:

When McCain’s campaign manager declared that the election was not “about issues”, he was trying to craft a reality that suited his campaign: one in which he believed they had an advantage, rather than one in which he knew they were dreadfully behind. So while McCain attempted to drive the discussion away from policy, Barack Obama – holding the winning cards, if he ever got to play them – attempted to keep voters focused on the things they claimed mattered to them. Meanwhile, someone had to decide what, in fact, the election was “about”.

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