Reid to force vote on Obama’s Census nominee

I spent parts of the last two weeks researching the census and looking into the stalled nomination of Robert Groves to lead the Census Bureau through the 2010 count. President Obama had nominated Groves on April 2, and, though he sailed through his confirmation hearings in May, anonymous Republican senators have maintained holds on his nomination since then. Today Roll Call revealed the senators who had placed the holds and reported that Majority Leader Harry Reid would try to bring Groves up for a vote this week or next.

My story had to change quickly: I had planned on writing about why an anonymous hold might be placed on Groves and how long it might last. And though much of the original inspiration for the post was voided, I jumped on the new story. I got Reid’s office to confirm late this evening that the senator would be filing for cloture on the nomination vote, and I broke the news.

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