We’re post-racial!

Yesterday I retweeted this comment: “ ‘American karma’ called for a black Prez, not a post-racial one.” The original tweet’s author, Michael Shaw, runs the indispensable BAGnewNotes (described on the site as “A progressive blog dedicated to visual politics, the analysis of news images and the support of ‘concerned’ photojournalism”), which I’ve recommended on this blog for over a year, and which I may be lucky enough to soon join in some capacity. More on that later, if and when there’s real news to announce.

But even if we don’t have a post-racial president, post-racialism has arrived! That’s right–it’s right here in this music video. Universal Music Group disabled embedding of the video, so I can only link to it, but here’s what it is: A 15-year-old white Canadian’s own hip hop-inspired music video in which Usher plays his bro/father figure. Welcome to post-racial America (slash Canada, I guess).

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