Looking ahead

I’m going to miss nights like this next year. I’m going to miss G-Heav, and the seemingly miserable experience that is staying up through the night to complete a paper or another assignment. After three-plus years here, I’ve become good at working within the requirements and rhythms of college, so I now thrive in and enjoy these challenges. What am I going to do next year?

Here I am, working for my fourth or fifth consecutive hour on a paper I should have completed before the point at which I began seriously writing it. The sun’s about to come up. I’m not sure when I’ll go to sleep. But the paper’s decently good. And I’m really enjoying crafting it. I’m being creative and serious, and I’m pulling together something I wouldn’t have thought of had it not been assigned, but which I’ll ultimately be proud of. These challenges, as much as I resent them, are inspirations and great gifts to us in the long term.

What’s going to be asked of me next year? I dunno, but I easily may choose a path without as many intellectual challenges as school gives us. I think that’s often what happens when people leave school. And the break from these requirements will be appreciated. But I’ll miss these exercises. (And G-Heav.) Hopefully I’ll find new ones that are as fulfilling.

I guess what I’m saying is: I love college.

[Note: I know I haven’t posted in two months. I’ve meant to post several times; then I’ve felt too busy, or too interested in other things, to take the time to write anything. I may be effectively done blogging. More likely, I’m mostly done blogging until at least June. (Who knows what’ll happen then?) I don’t expect to post often through the rest of this school year. I’m trying to get everything I can out of this last year in school. So far succeeding, and the outlook looks good for the next seven months. See above.]

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