(Lo romántico) afuera de Bogotá

A week ago Saturday I left Bogotá for the first time, taking a day trip with Colombian friends (one of my students and his roommate) to Zipaquirá and its famous salt mine. The mine’s lower level is still active, while its upper level is now a tourist attraction because of its “cathedral” of crosses and sculptures carved out of salt. A nice trip, a cool attraction, a fun day all around.

This weekend I left town again, for a longer, much more exciting trip. The weekend was one of Colombia’s 20 (yes, 20) puentes—long weekends thanks to national holidays. I spent it with my girlfriend in Villa de Leyva, a colonial town a few hours from Bogotá (and a couple thousand feet lower in altitude, meaning several degrees warmer too).

Isabel is one of the reasons I’ve been so happy the last few weeks. I’m not sure what I can or want to say about her here, so publicly, at least now, so early in our relationship. But every nice thing I could say is true of her and of our time together so far. The weekend was a dream, and I honestly found myself a bit surprised to be back to my “old” life when I began going through my normal routine again this morning.

I’m hoping to post some photos of the salt mine and Villa de Leyva soon; my lack of my Mac (which I left in New York) and its photo editing and uploading software has so far prevented me from easily moving files from camera to computer to internet. So, for now, take my word that Villa de Leyva is beautiful. As for Isa, you can see for yourself.

4 thoughts on “(Lo romántico) afuera de Bogotá

  1. What a babe! Did you lie and say that you were famous back in the US? Oh, or does she not understand what you are saying most of the time?

    Looking forward to our chat soon – glad to hear things are going well!

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