I haven’t written for several weeks because life has been busy, and heavy, recently. I’m probably going to piss some of you off by keeping the rest of this update pretty cryptic, but it’s important to me that I share here at least semi-regularly, that I’m as honest and open as I can be, even if that means pointing out some holes in my own narrative.

What I will share is that I’ve been dealing with legal/practical headaches surrounding my visa; some interpersonal challenges with people very important to me; and generalized frustration, stress, and overthinking. The frustration/stress/etc. is, of course, both caused by the other issues and a cause itself of some them. On top of all that, with a similarly unclear cause-effect relationship to the rest, I’ve been sick on and off with a few different symptoms.

I wrote that last paragraph now, and not a week or two ago, because I’m largely out of the main storms—or so I think. The issues that I mentioned are largely unresolved. But despite what the above may suggest, I actually feel really good now. Hence the post.

Anyway, this is my way of saying, “Hey, what’s up, world?” after not doing so for longer than I would have liked. Yes, things have been hard recently, but they’re also still generally very good, and getting better. May was my fullest month of work so far, and the most lucrative of my life to date. While that was great, the upcoming change will also be good: A number of classes have coincidentally ended or gone on hiatus at the same time, so I’m looking to June to be a month of catching up, figuring out, getting through, buckling down, coming together, moving on, and hopefully occasionally kicking back (though not yet sleeping in). It would be very bad if things boil over. I pray no fireworks go off. Phrasal verb dictionary FTW.

I also have some small but cool things to report, which I’ll do … right … now.

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