This past weekend was another puente—long weekend—in Colombia, so Isa and I left Bogotá for some nature. Unfortunately, my excitement in the outdoors led to a terrible accident. The aftermath is too gruesome to show, but here is the moment before:

You know what they say: live and learn. I guess I learned not to play in waterfalls. Well, maybe I didn’t learn that. They’re just so much fun.

Update 6/6/11: Two of my best friends have emailed me in the last hour to ask whether I’m ok. I thought the tone of the post and the pictures made clear that I was joking, but I guess not. To all who couldn’t tell, I’m fine. I didn’t fall, and (now that I point it out, I’m sure you can see) when the photo was taken I was sitting securely in a little dip right behind the lip of the rock over which all that water was falling. Though the water below was obviously falling fast and hard, the water on the rock was moving relatively calmly. Here’s another stunt photo I took when I was playing around with getting a realistic-looking picture while staying safe. The water in the linked photos, however (a separate waterfall upstream on the same river), was as intense as it looks and really coming down on me as the photos show. An awesome massage.

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