I could not be more proud

Than I am to promote two of my best friends, and two phenomenal pieces of writing.

David wrote this great article, one of the most fun and awesome articles I’ve ever read—without limiting the field to articles by friends, articles in college papers, or even sports articles. The one assist he was given was a great story to cover. But anyone could have covered the story; he told it masterfully. For those not yet racing to read the piece, here’s a brief excerpt that shows how graceful and fun David’s narrative is:

Indeed, the commentators from WIP 610, the sponsor of Wing Bowl, decried his audacity. If he puked, he would lose everything — his breakfast (oatmeal, downed circa 3 a.m.), his crown and the Ford F150 that he had all but secured.

But at an event that embodies the seven deadly sins, pride lurks dangerously in the wings. And Squibb, who got his start in competitive eating after a bet with a friend, was on the precipice of history.

And Raf has entered the blogosphere, writing deep thoughts, brief remarks, jokes, and about his experience undergoing chemotherapy. If you’re looking for new blogs to follow, this should make your list.

I love these guys, and I love their writing. I am very proud of them.

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