Recent fun

I’ve popped up in Yale media a couple times over the last week—and for new ventures. Until last week, my adoring public only heard from me through my writing, and occasionally my photos. Now I’m all over the place. Sort of.

Last week my friend Catherine interviewed me while we watched the Olympics. I raved about how awesome the games are, and she turned parts of the interview into much of the first four minutes of her Saturday episode of WYBC News, her show on the Yale radio station. The episode was devoted to Yalies’ experiences of the Olympics, and I believe my prominent placement at the top of the show makes me her hype man—or something like that; I don’t know radio lingo. You can download the show here. (If that link stops working at some point, I have the audio file and will happily email it out.)

Also last week, another friend, Jinjin, invited me to pitch her some ideas to turn into one of her weekly comics in the Yale Daily News. I sent four scripts her way, and she drew one of them into today’s installment of her series Space-Bathtub Dreams (the second one on that page).

I’ll also use this motley post to link again to Raf’s blog, and to an appearance of mine there, in which Raf quoted me making wise. And, before I go, let me also recommend his most recent work, a book-length post that’s sobering, humorous, and thoughtful. Full disclosure: I helped him edit it.

Good times. Now, or eventually, back to writing.

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