Mi trabajo y mi apartamento

This morning I met with a guy I had talked to online about teaching English. He runs what seems to be a very small company (just him and one other person, plus teachers). Next week I’ll start by teaching one class, and I’ll add more if/as things go well. So now I’ve got an incipient revenue stream, a way to hopefully get more work in time, and something to do besides wander the city.

After that I checked out an apartment, which I can now call my apartment, because I moved in on the spot. It’s an awesome penthouse of a modest building: fourth floor, five bedrooms, living room, “office” room, kitchen, three bathrooms (with hot water), laundry and storage room, and a big terrace. My bedroom is small (about the size of my junior-year Morse single, for those who saw that), but totally fine. For (probably misplaced) security concerns, I won’t give the exact address, but it’s in Chapinero, which you can see here. The apartment is two blocks from a TransMilenio stop, and I discovered today that TransMilenio is as efficient as advertised—it really is more like a subway system than a bus. My roommates are two American girls and two Colombian guys, all about my age or a few years older, and everyone seems fun, chill, and nice. Each of the four of them speaks some English, but Spanish is the main language of the house, since everyone also speaks Spanish and one of the Colombians doesn’t speak much English. It’s a little more expensive than I was hoping for, but the cost includes full utilities, internet, twice-a-week cleaning, and laundry. The rent? $275 a month. Pictures will come soon, when I fish my camera out of my luggage.

I’m heading back out to the terrace to rejoin the barbecue.

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