Old fun, new experiences

Oh man. Since waking up this morning, my upper body has been sore all over. I went climbing yesterday, the first time I’ve done that in months, at an awesome gym about 15 blocks from my apartment. Hopefully I’ll get to Suesca within a few weeks.

I also taught my first class last night. It went well. Teaching is a lot of fun, but it’s tiring, especially when you’re teaching a language. I’m currently scheduled to teach nine hours a week, which is a nice amount as I’m still getting to know the city and meet people. But hopefully I’ll add more hours soon.

As I wrote earlier, life isn’t radically different here from what I’ve known in the U.S. Among other surprises, I’ve found that many people bike around the city (so I hope to join their ranks soon), and that tap water in the city is completely safe to drink. I’ve filled most of my days here doing the things I did at home, or things everyone needs to do when they move to any new place. But I’ve had some new experiences in the last week, including:

  • Being approached by two police officers who asked me whether I had been to “el museo de la policía” before handing me a flier for the city’s police museum.
  • Hanging out, in my apartment, with a professional rapper.
  • Being woken up at 7:30 by blaring music in the room next to me when one of my roommates came home from a night of partying and decided he wasn’t done partying yet.
  • Being asked out electronically—multiple times.
  • Meeting a non-American vegan who talked all about his diet and joked about trying all of us, the people he was talking to, in court for murdering animals.

Good times.

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