Making it easy for you

Buried at the bottom of the post I just put up is this paragraph. It belongs somewhere where lots of people will read it, so here it is:

I’ve got a thorough summary of my first four months here (well, really, my post-college life so far) coming in a week or so. While catching up with so many people over the last few weeks, it seemed that lots of people in my life have been reading this blog occasionally, sporadically, or mostly, but still missing a few posts. So the post to come will be a comprehensive overview for anyone who missed stuff and wants the full-run down. Also, since a lot of people didn’t realize they can get these posts automatically, here’s a reminder of how: At the top-right of this page is a “Subscribe” button. Hit that, enter your email address, and you should get every post emailed to you the instant I click “Publish.” For those of you who use RSS aggregators, you can get the same instant delivery to your aggregator by subscribing to the feed using the URL (For some reason the page looks all screwed up, but if you add that URL to your aggregator list of feeds, it should work. If you try and it doesn’t work, please let me know.)

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