The view from my window

I’m not a fan of Andrew Sullivan, but I just might have to send him the view from my window (click photo for larger image):

Though I love the view, it’s probably not suitable for Sullivan’s blog, since anyone who knows Bogotá will recognize the scene immediately. That mountain is Monserrate, the city’s most famous peak.

Here‘s a picture of the interior of the new apartment I raved about a few days ago. This is the view from the entrance foyer, looking into our still scarcely furnished living room, the door of the kitchen, and down the hallway to the bedrooms and bathrooms. The open door at the end is Isa’s and my room.

And another thing I promised: pictures of Justin’s present to me. Here’s a sample:

Those are my photos. Which he collected and put into a book–a beautiful book. Amazing.

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