There really isn’t too much to say about my last few weeks here except that they’ve cemented my happiness at being back in Bogotá and my excitement with all that I’m doing.

I’m still putting off some longer (and much more time-consuming) posts, one on my professional life (teaching and more) and one on my whole life since the summer, when I decided to move to Latin America.

For now, the only things to report are some simple, happy things. I’ve been staying very busy, and my work schedule has settled into something I like a lot: one class every morning and one class every late afternoon, with additional classes and work from time to time. Between the two daily classes I have a four-to-five-hour block of free time, which I usually spend at home, and which is easily eaten up by lesson preparation and other things I have to do.

I still need to wake up before dawn five days a week, so I’m still tired a lot of the time, but I’m having fun nonetheless. Last weekend several friends came over to see the new apartment and, with them, Isa and I checked out a bar around the corner. This place is the perfect bar for me: not too big, not loud, very chill, with pretty cheap beer and other drinks, and less than 90 seconds from our front door. I had a great time, and I’m looking forward to spending parts of many more evenings there. We also found a good Chinese restaurant a few blocks away, and there are a number of other walking-distance restaurants, bars, and other places we want to check out soon. When we don’t go out, we still have fun: We’ve already had friends over for dinner several nights. We made a major trip to Alkosto, stocking up on every non-perishable food item we could find (including 5 kilograms–11 pounds–each of pasta and rice, as well as lots of beans, oatmeal, and more), so we won’t have to shop for those things for weeks or months. Another evening, a friend and I split a six-pack and I made him give me a two-hour Latin American history lesson, with notable chapters on Bolívar, Castro, and Ché.

Isa and I are going to cook and then go to a movie tonight. We may meet up with a girl who contacted Isa through CouchSurfing. Tomorrow I have a rare weekend class (which I charge more for) at 11, then a free afternoon. On Sunday we’ll take advantage of another wonderful Ciclovía. One of my bike’s tires totally blew out in December and I haven’t bothered to fix it yet, so I’ve been running while Isa bikes. I may watch the Super Bowl after that. The usual. Things are pretty busy, and very good. More to come later, as always.

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