Small pleasure of the day

Months ago, shortly after moving to Colombia, I wrote a series of semi-regular posts on Google Buzz, “Small pleasure of the day.” Those included rice, “Historians Admit to Inventing Ancient Greeks” by The Onion, rain, [(my friend) Lissie Thomas], buying furniture and eating saladSongs in the Key of Life, geometry, and “Waking up at 5 and being so ready for the day ahead.” In other posts titled things like “Fear of the day,” “Correction of the day/week/month/year,” “Frustrating wtf of the day,” “Sadness/happy reminiscing of the day,” “Brave act(s) of love and support of the day,” and “Beauty of the day,” I mentioned things that moved me, even if they didn’t make me happy. I really enjoyed these posts, since they were so simple and so honest, and it’s a shame I dropped the habit last year.

I may bring it back, here, since I don’t update you all through this blog as frequently as I’d like, and, when I do, I write too much for many people to read. So here’s the major update of the day, the first small pleasure in nine months, and what a pleasure it is:

Homemade mushroom quesadillas after a months-long Monterrey Jack drought.

I’ll leave it at that, since the simplicity and the pureness of the pleasure is the point.

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