Commuting: Terrible. Travel: Awesome

I’ve had a few bad-to-really-bad experiences getting around Bogotá recently, and I don’t want to take buses, TransMilenio, or even cabs here anymore. Of course I have to, and I’ll probably start taking more cabs to mitigate the shittiness of the other two, but the situation still sucks overall.

The good thing, transportation-wise, about being in Bogotá is my travel schedule over the rest of the year:

The only one of those that will be expensive is the trip to Argentina. The tickets for each of the others cost about $100 roundtrip, and thanks to friends in the places we’ll be going, Isa and I aren’t expecting to spend much money except on activities (jungle treks, scuba diving, etc.).

One thought on “Commuting: Terrible. Travel: Awesome

  1. I agree that commuting can be a pain. I just moved to Taiwan and it can sometimes take me two hours to get where I want to go in the city when it would only take 40 minutes if I had a car. But traveling is awesome!

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