Sleeping around

Isa and I left for vacation on December 14 and returned Wednesday. I’ll have a post or several up eventually about our vacations. This post is just to say: I’m glad to be home—even though my standard for what is “home” is slipping these days. We’re “home” in that we’re in Bogotá, although we’re sleeping on a mattress in an empty room in the house of family friends of Isa’s. But the mattress, and the fact that we’ll be here for at least a week or two, mean we can sleep well and settle in a bit.

I did the math today: From the night of December 13 to tonight, January 13, Isa and I will have slept in 15 different places, including   five apartments and houses, seven hostels and hotels, a tent, a pair of hammocks, and benches in an airport. Over that month, we will have spent a full two weeks on/in a combination of air mattresses, hammocks, and sleeping bags.

Anyway, it’s good to be “home.”

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