Testing, testing, 1-2-3

I spent much of the last two weeks in a recording studio. I wasn’t cutting an album (I’m not this guy), just recording voice tracks for a CD and software that will accompany an English textbook, but I still think that’s pretty cool. An American friend of mine, who did the female voices, and I recorded a combined 2,500 tracks—some as short as “one,” “two,” “three,” etc.; some as long as multiple paragraphs—and 40 dialogues for animated scenes that will be online for kids to watch. In addition to reading 1,200 phrases, I played the parts of Michael, a kid, and Waca, a robot, in the animated scenes. Those of you who have heard me speak anytime in the last eight or nine years can imagine how absurd it was that I had to try to sound like a pre-pubescent kid, and you can imagine my relief when, after a couple days of struggling through that, the sound technician (who usually records music, not spoken vocal performances) decided to play around with running my voice through his machines and raising it a few octaves. In the end, Michael and Waca sounded nothing like me, which is how I wanted it. Anyway, I had a really good time through the experience. Here’s a snapshot:

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